RF planning automation in HTZ Communications

Tired of repetitive RF study?

Using HTZ communications, any radio operators, who deal with repetitive network studies regularly can now automate the entire process of RF planning. This feature includes GIS data importation from data conversion from generic GIS format such as GeoTiff. This is an important step for those in the environment having constant changes, e. g. mining industry as mine farm terrain is changing every day, or operators need to have an updated coverage accordingly to any changes in their technical parameters day to day by field optimization.

The engine automatically calculates coverage of individual sites, and then, produce composite coverage, and identify best servers, study overlaps, calculate C/N+I and COFDM location probability maps. For 4G and 5G networks, it automatically calculates SINR and throughput as well.

It also has automatic microwave path calculation engine which has an email notification function when configured and if minimum clearance defined is not met.

If analysis of percentage of subscribers in your network needs to be done regularly, this function can be added in the automatic RF planning.

All the study results are exported in KMZ and TIF/TFW files and push to a display engine in operation center.

Please discuss your queries today with ATDI team and we are ready to help you fitting the system into your project purpose.


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